FlexWindow 1.3


Designed to be ultra light, simple, yet versatile – for quick generation of many types of architectural facades.

Note:  FlexWindow 2.0 is available!

Version 1.3 is still maintained and with full personal support.  Note the differences between the versions.

flex window 1.0

component options window

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The dynamic component consists of:

  1. outer frame.
  2. inner profiles (mullions).
  3. glass – single component.
  4. pillars (full version)
  5. window sill (full version)
  • works in cm.
  • Sketchup 2015 and up


In the Lite version:

Scale to fit any opening. Alternately type in the dimensions.

  • dimensions of the frame profiles
  • dimensions of the inner horizontal and vertical profiles
  • number of horizontal and vertical divisions

Additions in the Full version:

  • additional dimension settings for horizontal and vertical profiles.
  • Pillars – 3 options:
    • (a) pillars are centered with the vertical profiles.
      (note: If pillars are large enough to extend beyond the frame, they are no longer centered exactly but distributed in an equal distance between the boundaries of the component (like in option (b)).
      (b) freely specify number of pillar divisions between the frame edges.
      (c) pillars OFF.
  • set frame width to 0 – frame disappears!
    • Also when ‘off’ – frame depth may affect component boundaries.
  • Offsets– for extra control over profile and glass positioning.
  • calculated width and height of divisions (between profiles) presented in the options dialogue – helps to get a quick estimate of the number of desired divisions.
  • glass thickness control
  • inset guide – toggle on/off – for easy placement in existing openings
  • interact tool on:
    • outer profiles – adds divisions
    • frame – subtracts divisions.
    • window sill – toggles protrusions to the sides (To be kept off when scaling Flexwindow!!!)

Also Included:

  • “drag-n-drop” version – for easily dragging into model from folder or library.
  • “no-dims” version WITHOUT opening  ‘width & height’ dimensions – enables the ability to select and edit multiple FlexWindow components at once, and each will continue to maintain it’s original dimensions (Thank you Thibault!)
  • English & French versions – both available upon purchase


specifying dimensions - animation

specifying dimensions

adding and removing profiles with 'interact tool' - animation

adding and removing profiles with ‘interact tool’

variable pillar distribution - animation

variable pillar distribution



expandable window sill animation

expandable window sill

flexwindow example

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Version History:


  • inset guide introduced
  • glass thickness control – if glass = 0cm => glass single face.
  • “no-dims” version added – for multiple component edits while maintaining original dimensions


  • window sill added
  • set sill width to 0 makes it disappear.
  • interact tool on sill – toggles side protrusions. note: protrusions should be turned off when scaling the component.
  • improved pillar positioning in relation to frame width minimum – (option (a))
  • restyled options window to take less real estate.
  • totally rewritten to accommodate further development…


  • pillars added
  • set frame width to 0 – frame disappears!
  • interact tool on:
    • profiles – adds divisions
    • on frame – subtracts divisions.
  • offsets introduced


  • first version

For support, suggestions, ideas – feel free to contact directly, or to post a message / write a review on Sketchucation.