FlexWindow 2.1

FlexWindow 2.1

Ultra light, simple & versatile dynamic component – for quick generation of windows.

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flex window 1.0


What’s Included

  • FlexWindow Dynamic Component.
  • “drag-n-drop” version – for easily dragging into model from folder or library.
  • “no-dims” version WITHOUT opening  ‘width & height’ dimensions – enables the ability to select and edit multiple FlexWindow components at once, and each will continue to maintain it’s original dimensions
  • Translations
  • Full Friendly Support 🙂


  • Works with any model units
  • Sketchup 2015 and up


The FlexWindow Elements


FlexWindow 2.1 – dynamic component

  1. an outer frame.
  2. inner profiles (mullions).
  3. thin glass – single component.
  4. thick glass – single component.
  5. window sill
  6. inset guide




random profile distribution in flexwindowWhat’s new in 2.1:

A nice little feature has been added, thanks to a suggestion by Matthew Valero from Valero Studio.  You can now randomize the positions of the horizontal and vertical profiles – just like with FlexSlat.



FlexWindow 2.1 Randomization Animation


What’s new in 2.0:

Much effort has been put into perfecting FlexWindow to make it more useful and adaptable to your needs.  Profiles will now be exactly where you expect them.

 1.  There are now 4 profile distribution options to choose from, for both verticals and horizontals:

  • (a) equal divisions – specify the number of profiles and the space between them is calculated to be equal.
  • (b) total length / divisions – The distance including the width of the frame is divided into the number of specified divisions.  In this mode for example, the profiles would align exactly with equally spaced panels that are on the wall (see illustration below).
  • (c) fixed spacing – centered – ignores the specified number of divisions, and instead you specify the desired space between profiles.  The correct number of profiles are positioned and centered.
  • (d) fixed spacing – from ends – Same as (c), but instead of centering the profiles, you may also specify the distance of the first or last profile from the far edge of the frame.  Positive numbers determine the distance from the left or bottom.  Negative from the right or top.
distributions (a) on verticals. distribution (b) on horizontals

distributions (a) on verticals. distribution (b) on horizontals

distributions (c) on verticals. distribution (d) on verticals

distributions (c) on verticals. distribution (d) on verticals

2.  Glass – different default materials for glass with and without thickness.

3.  With the growing amount of options and calculations – some items were optimized to take less space in the ‘options window’ and a few icons have been added for easier navigation.

4.  Some items were removed!

  • ‘Pillars’ have been removed in version 2.0.  They are still available in version 1.3. They may be reintroduced in a separate Flex component some time soon…
  • ‘calculated width and height’ of divisions were also removed to save on space.


See chart below for the differences between the versions:

( X – ‘pillars’ removed in 2.0  – may be re-introduced in a future Flex component… )

( X – ‘view calculated distance’ removed in 2.0  )



General Usage:

How to open the dynamic ‘Component Options’ Window – see below

  • flexwindow_20_01 component options_defaultsscale to fit any opening.  Alternately type in the ‘opening’ dimensions.
  • specify dimensions of the frame profiles
  • if frame width set to 0 – the frame disappears.  Though it’s ‘depth’ still affects the component boundaries.
  • specify dimensions of the horizontal and vertical profiles
  • select 1 of 4 profile distribution options. (version 2.0)
  • for options (a) & (b) –  choose number of horizontal and vertical divisions
  • for option (c) – specify the desired spacing between profiles.
  • for option (d) – specify both the desired spacing (c) and the desired distance from the edge.  Positive numbers determine the distance from the left and bottom.  Negative numbers determine the distance from the right and top.
  • Sill – width larger than 0, the sill appears.  (also see interact tool below)
  • glass thickness control – set to 0 for single faced component.  default material is different for glass with or without thickness.
  • inset – if larger than 0 a guide appears for easy ‘inset’ placement of the window.
  • Offsets– for extra control over profile and glass positioning.

Interact tool on:

  • outer profiles – adds divisions. (distribution (a) & (b) only)
  • frame – subtracts divisions. (distribution (a) & (b) only)
  • window sill – toggles protrusions to the sides (To be kept off when scaling Flexwindow!!!)



specifying dimensions

adding and removing profiles with 'interact tool'

adding and removing profiles with ‘interact tool’


expandable window sill animation

expandable window sill

using the 'inset guide'

using the ‘inset guide’

How to open the ‘Dynamic Component Options Window’

  • Enable the toolbar called ‘Dynamic Components’ – ‘View’ / ‘Toolbars…’ / check ‘Dynamic Components’ and the toolbar shows up!
  • Select the middle button to open the ‘Component Options Window’.
  • Select the dynamic component and the options should appear.
  • In Sketchup Pro, sometimes if you first click on the ‘3rd button’ which opens the  ‘Component Attributes” window and only after that you click on the middle button.   The ‘Component Options’ window may not show correctly.  Only a restart of Sketchup solves this problem.




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Version History:


  • Random profile distribution

2.0 – CN , FR, ES

  • Chinese version included
  • French version included
  • Spanish version included


  • 4 new profile distribution methods:
    • (a) equal divisions
    • (b) total length / divisions
    • (c) fixed spacing – centered
    • (d) fixed spacing – from ends
  • menu optimizations
  • pillars – X removed
  • calculated distance – X removed


  • inset guide introduced
  • glass thickness control – if glass = 0cm => glass single face.
  • “no-dims” version added – for multiple component edits while maintaining original dimensions


  • window sill added
  • set sill width to 0 makes it disappear.
  • interact tool on sill – toggles side protrusions. note: protrusions should be turned off when scaling the component.
  • improved pillar positioning in relation to frame width minimum – (option (a))
  • restyled options window to take less real estate.
  • totally rewritten to accommodate further development…

flexwindow example1.1

  • pillars added
  • set frame width to 0 – frame disappears!
  • interact tool on:
    • profiles – adds divisions
    • on frame – subtracts divisions.
  • offsets introduced


  • first version


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For support, suggestions, ideas – feel free to contact directly, or to post a message / write a review on Sketchucation.