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FlexSlat 1.0

Ultra light, simple & versatile Sketchup Dynamic Component – for quick generation of slat variations.


FlexSlat animation

FlexSlat usage animation

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FlexSlat consists of the following components:

  1. frame profiles
  2. frame corners
  3. slats (2 separate instances for optimized usage – see ‘economode’ below)
  • Sketchup 2015 and up


  • scale or type in measurements
  • specify dimensions – frame and slats
  • specify spacing and rotation in X,Y,Z +- random positioning and rotation
  • set frame to 0 – frame hidden.
  • inset guide – specify distance for easy placement
  • frame guide – toggle guide visibility for when frame = 0.
  • offsets – to improve positioning
  • slat – length extension – extend slat edges until flush with frame.
  • slat – reduction – reduce amount of slats from top and bottom.

Interact tool:

  • on slat – redraw slat position/rotation
  • on frame – redraw all


Y/Z rotations:

  • OFF – (‘economode’) – Y/Z rotations disabled.  Component file size is kept to a minimum of 10 component instances no matter how many slats are generated.
  • ON – Y/Z rotations enabled.  Each new slat generated adds an additional component instance to the model.  Highly Recommended to ‘purge unused’ when done generating.

Also Included:

  • “drag-n-drop” version included – drag from folder or components library directly into model with no need to explode.
  • “no-dims” version included – for multiple component edits while maintaining original dimensions.
  • English, French, Spanish & Traditional Chinese versions – all available upon purchase



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Version History:

1.0 – CN, FR

  • French version included
  • Spanish version included
  • Traditional Chinese version included


  • first version

A member of the Flex-family of Sketchup dynamic components.

For support, suggestions, ideas – feel free to contact directly, or post a message / write a review on Sketchucation.