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FlexDoor 1.1

Sketchup Dynamic Component for Quick Door Generation.

FlexDoor Animation

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Handle Change Animation 'Method 1'

Easily Change or Customize Hardware Combinations

How to make your own hardware


What’s Included

  • FlexDoor Dynamic Component.
  • FlexDoor Hardware – ‘Locksets’ –  Various Door Handle combinations to choose from.
  • Built-in ability to use your own Personalized Hardware.
  • “drag-n-drop” version – for easily dragging into model from folder or library.
  • Full Friendly Support 🙂


  • Works with any model units
  • Sketchup 2015 and up


The FlexDoor elements

FlexDoor Geometry

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  • Frame
  • Door-Sill
  • Doorstops
  • 2 Doors
  • 3 Fixed Panels
  • 4 arcs (45°,90°,135°,180°)
  • FlexDoor_Hardware (Layer)
    • ‘Lockset’
      • ‘Handles’
      • ‘Lock Mechanism’
    • ‘Hinge’
    • ‘DoorJambHW’




What’s New in 1.1:

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  1. Door Rotation Options:  For live model presentations – you can now choose between 3 door rotations:
      • (a) – Instant (default)
      • (b) – Animate Both Doors
      • (c) – Animate Each Door

    With the “Component Options” window open, double click once on FlexDoor and choose either door. Read the instructions carefully for how to change the rotation. Please note the possible performance differences when choosing either of the options.

  1. Translations to French, Spanish and Traditional Chinese!
  2. Additional Door Handle (Lockset 01_b) added to the ‘Locksets‘ collection.
  3. Bug-fix – Hinges on Door2 are now placed at the correct heights.




Changing  and Customizing ‘Locksets’ / Door Handles

For detailed instructions & animations on how to change or make your own door handle combinations, please see the FlexDoor Hardware Customization page.


General Usage

How to open the dynamic ‘Component Options’ Window – see below

'Component Options' window

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  • Scale to fit any opening, or type in the total ‘width’ & ‘height’.


  • Specify frame, doorstop & sill dimensions – If ‘width’ dimensions equal to 0, the elements disappear.  Elements’ ‘depth’ may still affect the component boundaries.
  • Sill protrusion – Set as positive – goes one way.  Set as negative – goes the other.
  • Specify door / panel thickness.
  • Side clearance – Determines the space between the door and the frame and between 2 doors as well (note: too large a clearance may make the hinges float…).
  • Bottom clearance – Determines the space between the bottom of the door and the floor/sill.


  • Specify ‘opening’ width and height.
  • ‘opening – width’ will only be used if the fixed ‘side panels’ are turned on – set to (b), (c) or (d) (see configuration below).
  • ‘opening – height’ will only be used if the fixed ‘top panel’ is turned on – set to (f).
  • If panels are set to ‘OFF’ the door fills the entire ‘frame’


  • Specify number of doors (1or 2), position (open/closed) & rotation used for when the door is open.
  • Arc can be toggled to be ‘ON’ or ‘OFF’.  When ‘ON’ it appears automatically only if ‘door – rotation’ is set to the following angles: 45° / 90° / 135° / 180°.
  • Panels – choose ‘side panel’ and ‘top panel’ configurations
    • (a) side panels off
    • (b) side panel left
    • (c) side panel right
    • (d) side panels left & right (door centered)
    • (e) top panel off
    • (f) top panel on


  • Specify number of hinges and distance from top and bottom.  0 = hinges are hidden.
  • Axis – location‘ – Sets the axis to be 1cm distant from the door (adds realism when close up).  Can be quickly zeroed out with the ‘Plan View’ setting.


  • Specify handle height from the floor
  • Specify the spacing between the handle and the end of the door.
  • Handles can be changed with new ones!

‘Plan View’

  • For exporting clean 2D plans without seeing unnecessary details – lockets, hinges, clearances etc. are all hidden in one setting.


 Interact tool:   interact tool

  • doors – toggles doors OPEN / CLOSED.
  • frame sides – toggles between:
    • (a)  – panels OFF
    • (b)  or (c) –  panel on the side – depends on which side was clicked on
    • (d)  – panels on both sides
  • frame top / top panel – toggles between:
    • (f)  – top panel ‘ON’
    • (e)  – top panel ‘OFF’
  • panels – toggles between 1 or 2 doors.
  • arcs – toggles between door rotations: 45° / 90° / 135° / 180°


Opening Direction

To change which way the door opens:

  • Right click the FlexDoor – ‘Flip Along’ / ‘Component’s Red’ or  ‘Component’s Green’ (recommended to bind keyboard shortcuts for both functions).


Changing Doors/Panels

Doors and Panels can be changed.  A “FlexDoor Door Pack” is under development.  In the mean time, If you have FlexWindow you can quite easily insert it into the door Panel.

  • Make sure the replacing door is in the exact dimensions (Width, Height & Thickness!) of the door to be replaced.
  • Double click your way in until you reach the door or panel you want replaced.
  • Right click on the component, and select ‘scale definition’ (note: this also makes the door unique if it isn’t already).
  • Enter (double click) into the door component.
  • Select all.
  • ‘Paste in place’ / ‘Paste’ and ‘Scale’ the new door to fit exactly.
  • ‘Hide’/’Delete’ the selected geometry.
  • Depending on the circumstances, you may need to change each of the 2 doors separately.



  • To achieve optimal placement and scaling performance – Highly recommended to scale the door when it’s ‘closed’.
  • When copying a new FlexDoor to a new location.  Sometimes it is necessary to right click and ‘Make Unique’ or the wrong doors may open and close, when you think the one in front of you should be the one opening and closing when clicked on…
  • Almost all elements are components.  If you intend to make changes to specific elements, check to see that each element is ‘Unique’  so other doors around the model aren’t affected.
  • Though I do my best to optimize the Flex Components performance, Working with large models, may cause any dynamic component calculations to become annoyingly slow.  Purge the model often, especially after changing hardware.   In emergencies, consider copying and pasting in place to another model – editing there and pasting back.
  • Dynamic components work a lot faster with Vray disabled – please see: http://sketchucation.com/click.php?url=http://sketchucation.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=322%26amp;t=60187
  •   When replacing dynamic door panels (like putting FlexWindow into one of the side panels) be careful when scaling too small or when shutting off that panel (better not to) – Door and window parts can start flying around or may not work correctly.  Usually a ‘re-scale’ or an ‘undo’ fixes it.
  •  If the model is very heavy – the dynamic calculations can take long and sometimes they just stop in the middle, and it may look like parts are not meeting where they should.  It’s a good time to purge your model, and/or work in a separate sketchup window and paste in place when you’re done.


How to open the ‘Dynamic Component Options Window’

  • Enable the toolbar called ‘Dynamic Components’ – ‘View’ / ‘Toolbars…’ / check ‘Dynamic Components’ and the toolbar shows up!
  • Select the middle button to open the ‘Component Options Window’.
  • Select the dynamic component and the options should appear.
  • In Sketchup Pro, sometimes if you first click on the ‘3rd button’ which opens the  ‘Component Attributes” window and only after that you click on the middle button.   The ‘Component Options’ window may not show correctly.  Only a restart of Sketchup solves this problem.





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Version History


  • 3 door rotation options added
  • Chinese version added
  • French version added
  • Spanish version added
  • bug-fix – hinges on ‘door2’ are now at the correct heights


  • first version

For support, questions, suggestions, ideas – feel free to contact directly, or to post a message / write a review on Sketchucation.

Happy Flexing! 🙂