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Model Units in cm – DC options in inches?

A few Flex users (including myself) encountered an issue where all of a sudden all the fields in the Dynamic Component Options Window appeared in Inches, even though their model units were set to cm.  It’s a bug with the Sketchup dynamic components plugin, and it happens only if you have unchecked ‘Display units format’ (Probably in order to get a cleaner display of dimensions).   The fix is to re-check it:

  1. Window / Model Info / Units
  2. Check ‘Display units format’
  3. Save the model
  4. Restart Sketchup

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Solution for Error [601] LogoComing Soon…

FlexTools toolbar animation



You’ve been using Flex Components and suddenly with the installation of Sketchup 2017 a new bug was introduced that affects all dynamic components in previous versions of Sketchup.  The following error may come up:

” ERROR: Callback function error: Object doesn’t support property or method ‘attachEvent’ @/dcbridge.js[601]. ”

If you want your Flex components to work again, as in the image below…

flex window 1.0

FlexWindow 2.0

Solution: Install the latest version of the Dynamic Components Extension.


FlexWindow 2.0 released!

Much effort has been put into perfecting FlexWindow to make it more useful and adaptable to your needs.  Profiles will now be exactly where you expect them to be!

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